Database of 1960s Films – Free Download


In the first few months of the AHRC Sixties Cinema Project the team compiled a set of data which included cast, crew, production, financing, distribution, awards and reception information on the 991 British films released between 1960 and 1969. This database effectively provided us with a detailed map of the decade, allowed us to chart trends over time and enabled us to answer some key questions. For example, which genres of film were most popular in the 60s? How did the funding practices change over time? How much lasting impact have certain kinds of film had for critics and audiences?

The database has underpinned much of the work carried out on the project, and hopefully you’ll find that with some basic data analysis you can use it to answer research questions of your own. The database is available in excel format and can be downloaded using the link below.



This data was gathered from a variety of sources including: Denis Gifford’s British Film Catalogue Volume 1, Fiction Film 1895-1994 (London: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001), Film Index International, IMDb, the BBFC database, Film Finances, Kinematograph Weekly, The Daily Cinema, the BAFTA Awards Database and BFI Screenonline. Special thanks to Romana Turina for editing and proofing this dataset. The information contained in this file has been checked for accuracy.