Still swinging after all these years? Why the sixties continue to matter

On 9 September, we held the second of our two project symposia at Cinema City in Norwich, and had a stellar line-up of speakers and participants all attempting to grapple with the question of why the 1960s still seem to resonate so strongly in contemporary culture. Alwyn W. Turner, Liz Eggleston, Andy Miller, and Justin Smith talked about the enduring attractions and endless replays of sixties culture in the decades that followed, while Steven Hess and Marcus Hearn discussed their personal involvements with the legacies of two very important film companies of the 1960s, Woodfall and Hammer. We completed the day with a panel featuring Martin Cater from Network DVD, Sarah Cronin-Stanley of Talking Pictures TV, and Matt Jones, co-ordinator of sixties immersive cinema events, each discussing how film and television from that period reach modern audiences, and why they continue to appeal.

Here’s a short film about the event.


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